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Manufacturers of tea bag packing machine ( machinery) & equipments- form fill seal machines, strapping machine, tapping machinery, labeling machines, industrial label printer, print and apply machinery, vacuum packaging machine, pallet wrapping machines, cellophane packaging machinery, steel strapping tools, toothpick making and packaging machine, Cup filling and tea bag packing machine, hot stamping machines, candy packaging machine, tea bag form fill seal machines, continuous bag sealers, shrink packaging machinery, facial mask materials, packaging materials, laminated packing films, vacuum packaging bags, shrinking films, Cup Sealing film, PP straps, PP, PET, paper cups.
Manufacturers of iced products, soft drinks & relative processing machinery- filling & Sealing machine, bottle tea bag packing machine, Cup filling and Sealing machine, cap capping machine, unscramble machine, packing machine & other machine equipment ( for bong ice, ice lolly, jelly, mineral water, milk, soy bean milk, ice cream, juice, Cup product, tea, soybean curd, yogurt, popsicle ), whole plant equipment. Manufacturers of plastic packing ( packs, packages, packaging)- (1) packing materials- PVC, PET, PS, PP, OPS. (2) plastic packaging- plastic formed packaging, plastic serving trays & Cup holders, side blending boxes, hand made boxes, hanging tags. (3) blister packaging ( packing, packs), printing card packaging, double blister shells, plastic blister packages ( packaging), slide ( slip) blisters. (4) vacuum formed products- plastic ( custom) vacuum forming, plastic vacuum pressure forming, vacuum formed trays, vacuum form plastics, plastic vacuum thermoforming, clamshells & industrials vacuum formed packaging, medicals & contracts vacuum tea bag packing machine, hardware & stationary ( stationeries) vacuum formed packaging, drinks & agricultures vacuum formed packaging, toys & handicrafts vacuum formed packaging, electronics articles vacuum formed packaging. (5) electronics packaging ( packages)- antistatic ( anti-static, anti static) electronic packaging, conductive material electronic packaging, electronic working plates. (6) food packaging ( packages) containers, food packaging materials ( inner lining and trays)- food packing, vacuum plastic forming packages ( packs, packages, covers), food storage ( bottles) containers, tea bag packing machine
, beverage & confectionery packaging materials. (7) biodegradable disposable tableware, gardening and flowering appliances, high electronic wave adhesive and tea bag packing machine consistent process.


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