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Innovative skin packing machine solutions, reliable machinery and the right kind of card are ShangMei’s key to success.

Business in skin packing machine

Packaging is not what you buy, but it may well be why you buy, and it may be the only reason the goods inside get to you at all.

Packaging must “skin packing machine”: It must turn complicated shapes into uniform shapes that can be stacked; it must turn fragile items into robust items that can be transported; it must turn lots of items into a single item that can be hung on a hook and sold. A cardboard box may be just a folded piece of card with a top and a bottom, but it has to work perfectly in the packaging machinery. It must be economical and reliable; it must advertise and protect.

According to us, factory manager at skin packing machine, Taiwan, what makes his company special is its willingness to accept challenges. Whether a customer wants packaging fast or just-in-time, or whether a customer wants something new that no one has ever seen before – if it’s cardboard, we will do its best to oblige.

Take the cleaning products manufacturer like us. It wanted to sell a fairly large piece of equipment – a mop – in a skin packaging. That means the product is put on a card that allows air through. A skin packing machine treated with adhesive is put over the product, air is sucked through the card, and the plastic sticks to the card where it doesn’t touch the product. The challenge for Horn was to find a card that was heavy enough for the mop but that still let air through. “Such a thing didn’t exist,” says Lange, “so we invented a three-ply card that let air through. And that’s why we’re now making millions of these backing cards for our mops.”

Design first skin packing machine

Our response to a packaging challenge starts with design manager, has to create an effective box, which may include inserts to hold the product. Drafts will be created on the computer and realized on a plotter. And they don’t always work the first time. A bit of cardboard may stick, a tongue may not hold in a slot.

“Whenwe started years ago, “we used to draw and cut everything out by hand. If something didn’t work, we had to go back and start again. Now, with the computer, I just change a measurement, and it’s done in a few minutes.”

With skin packing machine we sends box prototypes and plans to the customer, who adds the graphics. When it is finally approved, designs the tools that will stamp out the box shape and create the grooves along which the box will be folded for skin packing machine.

But first the box must be printed, which is slower but can take 100 x 140 centimeter sheets. Speed and reliability depend mostly on the quality of the card being used to skin packing machine


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