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In a typical shrink wrap packaging machines, a spool system accumulates the scrap film that is disposed periodically. As the spool increases from a small to a larger diameter, the tension change can easily be sufficient to break the scrap requiring stopping the machine. The historical solution has been frequent operator adjustments to change the tension by changing the speed of the winder. By taking advantage of in-house expertise in stretch films, Lantech engineers designed a completely automatic prewinder using a load cell to measure the tension and provide soft spooling that avoids film breakage.

Simplifying the human shrink wrap packaging machines interface (HMI) was another step to improve the shrink-wrap operation. The design approach uses a color touch screen LCD control with a Windows-driven system. A single starting point with pop up screens allows operators to make changes easily. The system can store up to 16 set-ups in memory for quick change over. Once the values are changed, the display automatically returns to the same starting screen. Password protection at three different levels allows different control by operator, supervisor, or other plant personnel.

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Side shrink wrap packaging machines sealing was another frequent maintenance headache for users, requiring attention every four to eight hrs. Complicating the downtime aspect of the problem was the amount of rework that could be required, since detecting the need for maintenance is strictly a visual observation after producing several poor seals. Once again, separating the cutting from the sealing portion of the process proved to be the shrink wrap packaging machines

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