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Shrink wrap machines and supply business supplies wholesale stretch-wrapped bundles of firewood from mid-April to mid-Sept. to campgrounds, resorts and gas stations that in turn sell the firewood to tourists in southeastern Minnesota.

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Even in the rustic campground environment, an increasing number of tourists and campers find packaged firewood more convenient than carrying and handling firewood by the armful, bushel basket or wheel barrow.

The biggest boost to shrink wrap machines and supply business came 10 years ago when he purchased his first 16-inch stretch wrapping machine from Industries, according to Dennis. In fact, he bought the first machine manufactured by Industries, which is also located in Minnesota.

"If I didnít have, I couldnít do the business I do," said Dennis. "The Twister made it possible." The Twister Industries equipment will bundle together 10-12 pieces of firewood in a neat package.

Dennis previously used bailing twine and tied firewood bundles by hand and with the aid of a home-made jig. If he did 20 bundles per hour, he was "doing good," he said.

Now, Dennis and his wife, Nancy, working together, can wrap about 50 bundles per hour on the Twister Industries 16-inch machine. Working alone, he averages 25-40 bundles per hour. "We get so busy at times," said
shrink wrap machines and supply
, two wrapping machines are needed. He bought a second Twister Industries 16-inch six years ago.

The Twister Industries machines that Dennis uses in his business wrap large bundles of firewood, but the company also offers models to package smaller bundles. Of course, production is faster when smaller bundles are begin wrapped.

The Twister Industries machines begin with a 12-inch model and are calibrated at 1-inch intervals up to an 18-inch machine. All models handle firewood up to 16-18 inches long and as short as 12 inches. They can use 8, 10 or 12-inch-wide shrink wrap. The 16-inch shrink wrap machines and supply up to 2.3 cubic feet of shrink wrap machines and supply

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