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was another frequent maintenance headache for users, requiring attention every four to eight hrs. Complicating the downtime aspect of the problem was the amount of rework that could be required, since detecting the need for maintenance is strictly a visual observation after producing several poor seals. Once again, separating the cutting from the sealing portion of the process proved to be the solution.

Cutting and shrink wrap machine at the same time requires very high temperatures, at which the film can melt. In its molten state, the film easily attaches to, and builds up on, the cutting surface components. Latest answer was a separate mechanical cutting system using a sharper wheel and a heated fusing wheel on the side. By squeezing the film, the mechanical cutting system can cut cold film. On the same axis, the closely spaced (within 0.015 inch) seal wheel fuses the seam, while operating at a much lower temperature, which eliminates film build-up on the sealing surface. machines and supply taiwan for greeting cards, wickelmaschine, packaging machine international for parts pallet

This shrink wrap machine approach avoids the timing issue and variation in film width that can happen when the two processes occur in series on different axes. In addition, the forces in this process are balanced and pressure from the seal wheel to rubber wheel minimizes pressure at the metal-to-metal portions. As a result, users can expect 2 to 4 million cycles at this part of the process (depending on the film) without requiring maintenance. Again, this number of cycles can provide 3 to 6 months of uninterrupted operation. The previous industry benchmark was completing one shift without cleaning and one week before changing components, such as a silicon ring. Since determining when maintenance is required is still a visual process involving the operator or quality control person, shrink wrap machine
recommends changing parts at two million cycles.

A final item that shrink wrap machine
engineers addressed was simplifying the setup for the various different size products the machine could encounter in a packaging facility. The scaling process typically used in the industry required running the machine as much as one hour to establish the proper settings for a new product. Synchronized Scaling, as
shrink wrap machine calls it, uses a single number to establish the scale factor. This factor is determined for the first or H1 reading and the remaining geometric aspects are scaled / calculated based on relative positioning, essentially turning a process that was considered an art into a science. The new scaling process allows completing the set up in about 2 min.

shrink wrap machine in Action
One company that has seen the benefits from the design changes implemented in our's machinery is Lakeview Farms. shrink wrap machine packages products that include refrigerated desserts, dips, and cheesecake under various brand names. According to Lakeview Farms' Plant Manager, Peter Fink, the installed SW-1000 machines handle over 500,000 multipacks each week with dramatically reduced downtime for routine cleaning. machines and supply taiwan for greeting cards, wickelmaschine, packaging machine international for parts pallet

Running 60-gauge, 18-inch film, Lakeview Farms currently puts about 10-15,000 cycles per day on each of its three main shrink-wrap machines. Fink proudly proclaims, "We're producing more, with three fewer operators on the line, less material, and virtually no re-shrink wrap machine."

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