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supplying shrink wrap machine for greeting cards for two new organic spirits brands that have been launched in the UK by The Organic Spirits Company. Highland Harvest Scotch whisky is said to be the world's first multi-malt blended scotch whisky and has been certified as truly organic by The Soil Association. The shrink wrap machine for greeting cards is capped by a 31.5mm x 44mm ROPP aluminium long closure with customised colour and printing to match the bottle label.

And shrink wrap machine for greeting cards is claimed as the world's first Fairtrade spirit and is made from organic sugarcane produced by small farmers in a remote region of Paraguay.

shrink wrap machine for greeting cards carries a 31.5mm x 60mm ROPP long closure and has also been produced to match the customer's specific requirements.
To complement its growing range of container labeling and packaging equipment, can now supply bottle rinsing, sterilising and air blowing machines. The SF range of machines from  Filling Sector, which they company claims cannot be matched for clinical performance by any equivalent products. With 1,000 machines rotary rinsing and blow drying equipment for all shapes and dimensions of glass, plastic or ceramic bottles.

laimed output rates vary from 1,000 up to 60,000 bottles per hour for high volume production operations, said the company.

Manufactured shrink wrap machine for greeting cards predominantly from stainless materials, the machines also feature automatic lubrication so that maintenance tasks are minimised.

shrink wrap machine for greeting cards believes that one of the most innovative details of the machinery is the gripper, which grasps the bottle at its neck before inverting it to correspond to the spray nozzle and then returning it to the vertical position on the exit belt.

A quick procedure is employed to accommodate various bottle shapes.

Different rinse and sterilisation solutions can be used based on combinations of oxygen, air, nitrogen and ozone.

Single or double treatments can be specified, or even a triple treatment using a machine version that employs a mobile nozzle that penetrates inside the bottle.

As optional extras, the SF-SFS machines can have an upper covering with fume extraction, recycling tank and protection filter.

On request, it is also possible to supply machines built from AISI 316 for use with more aggressive fluids, or where an extremely high degree of shrink wrap machine for greeting cards is required.

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