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Help the Operator with a pillow packing machine

The pillow packing machine lines don't run themselves: people run them. There has never been a successful "lights out" automation project in packaging, because the nature of the interface of machine and materials can never be consistently perfect. The operator's decisions and actions make a big difference in the percent of uptime and quality consistency in the operation.

It is wise, therefore, to give the pillow packing machine operator the best tools we can to decide what needs to be done and to do it expeditiously. Information is power. Graphical operator interfaces enable the presentation of any information that can be gleaned from the control logic. Touch screens provide the ability to have any number of operator "buttons" without requiring I/O hardware in the PLC. Compared to the cost of wiring a panel of pushbuttons and indicator lights, a touch screen operator interface may actually be less costly for the machine manufacturer. Considering the advantage in the ability to display useful information, there's no reason to settle for less.

A well-designed control logic scheme will monitor the status of the machine. Sensors, status signals from stepper or servo drives, outputs from process control and inspection devices, etc. provide inputs to the machine controller on status of the machine's operation.

The control program can than determine when and what conditions exist that require operator attention. A message alerts the operator of the nature of the problem. By being warned that the pillow packing machine material is running low, the operator can keep supplies full even if attention is focused elsewhere. By know where the jam occurred that stopped the machine, time in clearing it is not wasted looking for it, or wondering why the machine stopped.

Malfunctioning process controllers (e.g. heat seal or forming temperature) can be identified before large amounts of waste or serious jams are encountered. Consecutive inspection failures will quickly indicate a problem with a component assembly. Providing information like this pillow packing machine in a useful, timely way empowers the operator to maximize uptime and minimize downtime in making pillow packing machine.

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