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A lot of our time, money, self-image, social contacts, packing materials maidenhead, even childhood memories are bound up with food in some way. Unfortunately, food also plays a big role in the mounds of waste taken to your local landfill each and every day.

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Much -- if not most -- of this food-related waste could, and should, never even make it into your waste basket.

The simplest way to reduce food waste, of course, is to reduce the potential for waste right up front. Buy the kinds and amounts of food which you anticipate that you, and any likely eating companions, can consume in a reasonable period of time. Be imaginative with leftovers.

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Freeze excess items before they spoil. When some discards are unavoidable, consider using a garbage disposal or a compost pile. If you begin composting, be sure to check on recommended methods with the (City/County Waste Management Department), the library, garden center, or book store.

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When eating out, order appropriately sized portions if there's a choice. Share items at places you know tend to have bigger portions than you can eat alone. Suggest that the restaurant not serve you a side dish if you know you don't want it. (Assure them that there will be other customers who are crazy about macaroni and cheese or those funky looking vegetables from outer space.) Encourage the manager or chef to offer variously sized portions -- or sharing -- if these options aren't available.

Bring leftovers home in a "doggie bag" (preferably not a giant-sized no recyclable container), or, if you pride yourself on being the supreme waste provender, bring your own doggie bag to the restaurant of
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