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In the packing material loose recyclable business, there were many cases of bulk order taking and in order to have products smoothly delivered, customers and people in charge of sales voiced that they wanted to have options incorporated and networks set in advance.

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Ricoh aimed to reform the production system to have it directly connected to the market so the company picked up detailed requirements of the spot where the products were delivered, and realized the tasks, such as lengthy lead time, transportation/warehousing/personnel cost and environmental impact of packing materials.

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"Factory kitting" and "Easy rack" have realized time shortening and cost reduction.
In the case of a printer that requires option incorporation, individual packing for each option separately from the main body, a multistage transportation route to temporarily gather them in the warehouse and the work to assemble them into the main body at the sales company or customer's site are required. In order to solve the waste of time and cost, Ricoh considered the method called "factory kitting" whereby machines were equipped with options already in the factory and directly delivered to the customer. But the product furnished with the "kitting" had larger dimensions and required packing material different from the conventional corrugated cardboard box. On the other hand there was the task of disposing of packing waste after delivery.

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Thus an "easy rack" that used pipe material was developed. By adjusting pipe length, we can flexibly respond to changes of product dimensions; and further, by disassembling the packing material, we could bring the material back for repetitive use. About 5 kg of packing waste that used to be generated from 1 printer unit became zero! The trigger of for the birth of packing materials loose recyclable " was direct delivery to the customer of the printer, of which duplex units were furnished with "factory kitting". The factory members in charge of the development had many meetings.

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During the course, of the meetings, attention was paid to pipe material for a "shelf cart" that is placed at manufacturing line side to keep parts and tools. Members conducted trial and error to cut the pipe material by themselves, assemble them and reduce the cost; and they completed "easy rack", a new flexible type of packing, in the short period of one month. The vibration test of the packed product was cleared, by which direct delivery from the factory was realized. Lately, the use of "easy rack" is increasing in line with customers' needs for green purchase; and accumulated units shipped reached 5,584 (as of the end of September 2001) for
packing material loose recyclable

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