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Old clothing that is not even fit for the thrift store should not necessarily be thrown away.

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You can update clothing by adding new buttons or by lowering -- yes, even raising -- hemlines. Ask your local dry cleaner if you can return hangers. Also, request that your clothes not be wrapped in plastic. And build a newspaper box so the newspaper delivery person doesn't have to burden you with rubber bands and protective rain bags.

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A few other tips: Use both sides of a piece of paper for writing notes before recycling it. Save colored paper, egg cartons and other packaging for use in arts and crafts projects at day care facilities, schools or youth and senior centers. Turn used lumber into birdhouses, mailboxes, compost bins or other woodworking projects. Jars can make great cookie cutters; a peanut butter jar can be used to store leftovers or serve as a vase for flowers.

Reducing packaging techniques is not just a hobby for the home, but is slowly becoming standard business practice at a growing number of companies throughout the world for example, saves over $1 million annually by using cartonless or reusable furniture packaging.

Whether packing materials Chicago at work or in the home, become aware of opportunities to prevent waste by reusing material that used to fill up the trash can. You'll be surprised how less often you'll have to make the trip out to the outside trash can and how much further those dollars will go for packing materials Chicago.

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