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Packing machines market place people saying: 'We definitely back the idea of a representative committee as has taken place in taiwan. All over the world it is difficult to obtain expertise in the area of packaging. The committee is very good idea.'

packing machines market place Industry's new representative panel for packaging and the high-profile Asian International expo', which starts here tomorrow (Sunday) and runs until January 15, 'are substantial steps in the right direction,' according to them.

All countries need packaging institutions, especially in the areas of training, maintenance and after-sales service, according to ShangMei, adding that packaging is 'a major concept of any product and it has been overlooked too long.'

It is making its debut at Taiwan which runs at the Taipei, it will be the start of the firm's push into the Gulf market. The company is represented in the north of Taiwan.

'We will see the response to our products packing machines market place

and activate our marketing accordingly,' says ShangMei.

It makes all types of packaging machines for solids and liquids as well as material for the products. It will introduce its liquid and granule packaging machines at ShangMei.

It is backed by the influential packing machines market place. Industry groups from as far a field as Taiwan, Turkey and China are taking part.

Apparatus on display ranges from tarpaulin production to bag sealing and cutting equipment, carton adjusters, blow film machines, aluminum foil sealers as well as labelers and date-coders.

Analysts say the Asian packaging sector is growing at between 15-20 per cent a year. ShangMei International was last held in 2000 and attracted 5,000 visitors from 44 countries.

Fairs and Exhibitions (1992) Ltd. (F&E) organizes as well as the packing machines market place  industry shows which run simultaneously.

F&E says demand has reached such a level that the packaging, printing and publishing shows are likely to be staged on an annual basis.

'The packing industry is really on the move. 'The growth couldn't be healthier. It is also noteworthy that the new packing sector panel in Dubai is receiving such high praise in Pakistan. It further illustrates that such initiatives are welcome and necessary for any packing machines market place.'


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