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The automated guided vehicle (AGV), one of the popular new technologies of the 1980s, is now seen more as a part of automated handling systems not a standalone concept. It is now applied across a range of industries and several applications are described. At Denso Manufacturing, AGVs are used as tugs to tow trailers delivering components to production lines, while at Perkins Engines they carry both part kits and finished engines to and from assembly dressing lines. At Kodak they handle heavy paper rolls serving coating machines.
These packing machine Taiwan applications use the traditional embedded wire navigation technology. Other guidance techniques are described including the more flexible laser scanner, which is being applied in a Belgian fruit and vegetable market to transport pre-packed products to dispatch lines. Details are also given of an automatic docking system and a standard pallet truck that is available as a complete automated package with laser guidance. The automatic guided vehicle (AGV) was a popular concept in the 1980s, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. As packing machine Taiwan, one of the leading European suppliers of automated handling systems, says:

AGVs were originally perceived as “nice to have” or as a fork lift truck replacement, which they probably never were and this is why many early installations were not the success anticipated. The concept has since changed and the AGV has now become an integral part of a total logistic solution for a particular site. It is generally no longer a standalone entity as once perceived.
packing machine Taiwan, managing director of Indumat Systems in the UK, part of the packing machine Taiwan Group, has a similar sentiment:

AGV systems were very buoyant in late 1980s with a flurry of companies saying they could apply the technology, but with recession the number has declined and now a core of capable companies are left. The market in the UK is relatively modest but there are signs of improvement although it seems a long time coming. In Germany and Italy, where we have recently been very successful, it is much bigger and the acceptance levels much greater packing machine Taiwan who build turnkey handling solution at its Worcester factory, comments:

In recent times packing machine Taiwan’s have become much more user-friendly and more flexible with Windows-based control systems and laser guiding. They are now a more viable proposition compared to a few years ago when they were perhaps seen as an unknown technology black box following wires in the floor.
The market is also changing for packing machine Taiwan



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