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Inflatable packing machine manufacturers including a valve formed by a channel made between two flexible sheets extending at least partly inside the inflatable packaging and having a first opening communicating to outside of the packaging and a second opening communicating to inside of the packaging, the two flexible sheets being designed to be pressed against each other as soon as a force keeping the flexible sheets apart is removed, thus preventing an inflating gas from escaping from the packaging, wherein the two flexible sheets extend between two edges of the packaging and the first opening coincides with a second opening passing through one wall of the packaging, the edges of the first opening and the second opening being welded to each other and, upstream of the first opening, the two flexible packing machine manufacturers sheets are welded to a body of a tab cut into the one wall of the packaging, wherein the tab includes one tab end by which the tab may be grasped which is free with respect to the two flexible sheets, and the tab is isolated from an internal volume of the packaging by a peripheral weld.

To increase the output of packaging machines for cigarettes, a common cigarette stock, in particular a cigarette magazine, is assigned a plurality of independently working packaging units (11, 12, 13, 14). These are fed with cigarette groups, for packaging, by the cigarette magazine (10) via a common conveyor. The packaging units (11 to 14) consist of a folding unit (24), of a material unit and of a drive unit. Depending on the desired output, a plurality of packing machine manufacturers
packaging units (11 to 14) can be combined as part of the packaging machine.

The packaging units (11 to 14) are subdivided again into packing machine manufacturers
units to be handled independently, in particular into a folding unit (24), a material unit and a drive unit. These are exchangeable and, for the operation of the packaging machine, are connected functionally to packing machine manufacturers and another.


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