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Remarkably, even though cornstarch packing peanuts are much more common today, most of the packages I get in the mail are still filled with styrofoam. I suppose the charitable view is that I’m watching recycling in action: no doubt these very pellets have been used countless times before, and (if I keep with the program) will be used countless times again. But even if true, that’s somehow unsatisfying. I really don’t want the burden of storing (or recycling) the filler from every box I get. I’d like it all to go away—preferably, in some responsible manner.

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Resistance to decomposition is often a virtue; you don’t want, say, your garbage can to disintegrate in the rain. But for items that are intended to be used only briefly, this robustness can be a problem. Hundreds of years from now, empty plastic bottles—not to mention discarded electronic devices, toys, and everything else—will still be pretty much intact deep in landfills all over the world. And although packing and shipping materials
helps considerably, it’s simply not practical or reasonable to expect that no recyclable goods will ever end up in the trash. So the next-best thing—and, in many instances, the very best thing—is plastic that will decompose in packing and shipping materials.

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