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The packaging machine international shrink wrap machines processing of polyethylene is distinguished by the need for the shrink wrap film to reach an almost melt state, after which cooling will provide significant additional shrink. As a consequence, tunnels require specific cooling devices if elevated output speeds are needed.

All of this packaging machine international shrink wrap machines equipment may be used to wrap individual packs where collation is not required but a degree of protection is needed. Applications may vary from radiators through to office doors and bolts of cloth.

The identical packaging machine international shrink wrap machines processes are also applied but with display shrink film where products have a natural requirement to use a sleeve. Gift wrap and wallpaper rolls fall into this category. The principles remain the same although both the sealer and tunnel will be modified to accommodate individual rolls with appropriately small diameters.

Turning to mainstream display applications, the main characteristic is the use of a total wrap.

In every single case, the sealer must now create a flat, two-dimensional bag around the product.

The product and this bag are then processed through a shrink tunnel to achieve the desired effect.

At the most basic packaging machine international shrink wrap machines level, this is achieved using an L-Sealer and folded film. The product is manually placed between the two layers of film and again manually placed into the sealer. The seal is completed and the pack placed on the tunnel conveyor. This is a continuous process that also produces an element of scrap film.

Automation is applied to the seal head and also to the pack support. Then, the seal process and the removal of the pack to the tunnel become automated. Generally, this is regarded as semi-automation. The clamping of the sealer head will be carried out using either a solenoid or a packaging machine international shrink wrap machines.


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