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Both molded fiber packing materials and cornstarch are made of polymers, which are long-chain molecules that have a basic repeating unit. Some polymers are polar (such as cornstarch), while others are nonpolar (such as polystyrene).

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The polar parts of cornstarch are hydroxy (–OH) groups that hang off the main chain. These hydroxy groups interact with water molecules to form hydrogen bonds, and as a result, cornstarch is soluble in water. Polystyrene has no hydroxy groups and is nonpolar, so it does not dissolve in water. The cross linking structure of molded fiber packing materials can be broken down in certain organic solvents such as acetone. However, such solvents are usually toxic and harmful to the environment. This Activity compares polystyrene and cornstarch packing materials ("peanuts"). Both are made of polymers, but because of their composition they behave very differently in various solvents. Students extrapolate how these differences in behavior relate to environmental effects.
molecules of the month are amylose and polystyrene, which are examined in JCE Classroom Activity #57: "Pondering molded fiber packing materials". In the activity, students investigate polymers and their chemical composition. The structures below show several repeating units of the two polymers. The helical, 50-unit amylase shows the structure that complexes with iodine to produce the blue charge-transfer complex in the starch—iodine test. Here are some general packaging and labeling guidelines to keep in mind when shipping items with United Cargo. If you have any special cargo, such as perishables or seafood, see the Special Handling requirements under our services section. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding packaging or FAA security requirements, please contact United Cargo.

Shipments for molded fiber packing materials must be prepared or packaged to insure safe transportation with ordinary care in handling.
Any article susceptible to damage by ordinary handling or as a result of any condition which may be encountered in air transportation must be adequately protected by proper packing and bear appropriate labels or
molded fiber packing materials

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