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If enough shoppers eschew materials Taiwan packing and overly packaged goods, manufacturers will eventually get the message that something's wrong with their products and modify them if they want to stay in business.

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And, whenever it's possible (such as in locally owned stores), shoppers can tell their retailer how a product's packaging affects their purchasing preferences. If enough people do this, stocking patterns will change, and your community will be doing its part to better the world we live in.

In addition to materials Taiwan packing, shoppers can decline bags in which to carry their purchases whenever they can handle the purchases without them (carrying a canvas tote or a previously acquired shopping bag is helpful).

When it cannot be avoided, its recyclables should be considered. To recycle corrugated boxes -- boxes contracted into parallel grooves for added strength -- remove all packing materials and flatten them before placing them on the curb for pickup. No corrugated boxes such as those for food, shoes and holiday gifts may be put in with recyclable paper.

Avoidance or reduction of waste is the highest form of recycling in the broadest sense: it keeps resources out of the waste stream and in the "useful stream." Consumers should keep this in mind when making everyday purchasing decisions. (This article reprinted --with some modifications -- with permission from the
materials Taiwan packing

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