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what is the machine for plastic packing food event? The event attracted 747 exhibitors from Taiwan and abroad, with 2,169 booths blanketing the first and second floors of TWTC Exhibition Hall 1 and Hall 3. This year's show brought together a record 32 national pavilions, as well as two brand-new sectionsó"A Taste of Cuisine" and "A Taste of Taiwan Wine."

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Exhibits at Food Taipei ranged from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, condiments, meat products, frozen foods, and biscuits to confections, health food, fruit and vegetables, food ingredients and additives, dairy products, cereals, and tableware.

At machine for plastic packing food, exhibitors touted bakery machinery, noodle making equipment, Chinese-food making machines, bakery mixers, rice-processing machines, fish and meat processing machines, equipment for production of various snack foods, baking ovens, and dryers.

Major exhibits at Taipei Pack included machine for plastic packing food (plastic materials, special multi-layer films, polypropylene and polyethylene plastic bag sealing tapes, stretched films, food wrap cling films, shrinkable polyvinyl chloride tubes, carton staplers, etc.) and packaging machinery (handheld sealers, gluing machines, printing machines, plastic processing machines, laminating machines, material handling machines, label making machines, automatic weighing and packing machines, automated storage and retrieval systems, powder filling/packing machines, etc.)

The four-day machine for plastic packing food exhibition attracted 41,323 visitors from the food marketing, packaging and logistics fields. Foreign visitors accounted for 3,150 of the total, up 30 percent from the preceding session held last years. Top-five visiting contingents were, in descending order, from Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States, and mainland China.

Taiwan occupies a unique machine for plastic packing food position in the world food industry, at the cultural confluence of East and West, where ancient recipes are updated with improved ingredients, attractive packaging, and innovative research and development enables tasty breakthroughs with new flavors, superior hygienic standards, quality control, and flexibility. Taiwan is famous for an outstanding capacity for combining exciting innovation with surprising value. From Taiwan fruits to frozen tilapia slices, processed snacks to frozen instant food, buyers worldwide look to Taiwan for superior selection and quality.

Continuously enhancing its reputation as one of Asia's most exciting and vital trade shows of machine for plastic packing food, Food Taipei blends the best of the world's food industry into one big banquet. Heading the menu is the Taiwan Pavilion at the show, the one-stop sourcing site for specialty products, fruits and vegetables, seafood, livestock products and certified quality machine for plastic packing food



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