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General light weight packing materials reduction techniques
Goal: To increase the reader's awareness of packaging and encourage waste prevention.

Every year, Californians generate approximately 15 million tons of waste that is merely packaging for the actual products we buy. This packaging includes the cardboard and paper wrappers on fast food, the nice camouflage surrounding gifts under the Christmas tree, and the layers upon layers of plastic, styrofoam and other packing materials that always seems to be getting in your way.

There are, no doubt, several important reasons for packaging. Some of them are practical -- such as protection against breakage of products -- and some of them are aesthetic. Regardless of the motives, however,
light weight packing materials
represents one of the most promising areas in terms of reducing the river of waste flowing into landfills.

The concept behind is often sound. It prevents tampering, keeps products -- particularly food -- fresh, and often provides valuable product information. Yet most packaging is only used once before being thrown away.

Remember, you, too, make light weight packing materials decisions on a daily basis. You, therefore, can make a difference.

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