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Goal: To encourage readers to reduce packaging waste in materials packing Taiwan

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Attention: All homebodies, couch-potatoes, and outlet store kings and queens. It's the perfect time to be attentive to reducing your waste (Your waist may need reducing too, but that's a subject I won't touch.) This type of waste reduction is good for public health, as well as the financial health of [insert local information].

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Packaging is one of the chief contributors to California's, and the nation's, waste management dilemma. It accounts for a least a third of the volume of America's trash. Much packaging has valid uses. But much of it also is completely frivolous with no real functional value. Many products, for example, are sold in packaging that has no basic purpose other than to attract attention or make the product appear larger. The volume of this waste is frequently, and amazingly, excessive.

Excessive packaging practices are not only wasteful and environmentally unsound, but also costly, to you, the typical consumer. The Environmental Defense Fund notes that $1 of every $10 we spend on food, for example, pays for packaging. When evaluating which of several products to buy, a search engine optimization cost-conscious and environmentally careful shopper should therefore consider the product's packaging characteristics before buying.

Several terms have been coined to describe this "stop waste before it happens" approach. The terms are "waste prevention" and "precycling." These terms refer to how shoppers should think about their purchasing decisions: avoid overpackaged, disposable, and nonreusable or nonrecyclable products. Avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid
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