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Horizontal packing machines

The horizontal packing machines, represented by ShangMei, is a new generation of horizontal packaging machines utilizing recent advances in technology and precision that ensure a high level of efficiency and throughput. One of the most outstanding features of the ShangMei range is the rapid change over procedure, due to easy access and automatic adjustment of its mechanisms, such as film transport device, pouch stretching device etc.

The SG range boasts great flexibility and versatility, which makes it possible to make pouches with a capacity up to 9,000cc, along with medium size pouches up to 320 a minute. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain great accessibility for cleaning, guaranteeing years of trouble free operation.

The SG range of machines can handle a wide range of products, such as granules, powders, liquids, paste, towelettes in pouches with 3 or 4 sides, gusseted or stand up pouches and specially designed pouches, with easy re-closable systems such as zippers, caps, straws, degassing valves with outputs of up to 400/minute. Of interest is a joint venture project to package tuna into a flexible package.

We have joined forces with a leading canning machine manufacturer to provide 'tuna' dosing systems which is integrated on the ShangMei machines. ShangMei, of Taipei Taiwan, provides complete 'flexible
horizontal packing machines" solutions from filling through to cartooning and case packing.

The company is represented in other countries by the equipment Automation, who has enjoyed success with the new horizontal packing machines range.

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