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fabric machine packing roll

Conveyors of a fabric machine packing roll are not looked upon with the same level of respect as are packaging machines. If conveyors and their interface to the fabric machine packing roll machines are not well designed and integrated, however, a lot of productivity losses can occur on a packaging line. Containers can fall over, get wedged between rails and jam or get crushed, scuffed or misshapen in their travels between machines. Problems are avoidable if the following considerations are taken in designing the handling equipment of a packaging line.

Determine how much end to end pressure a container can tolerate. When containers are stopped on a moving conveyor belt or chain, the conveyor line pressure on the one first in line equals the weight of the others upstream times the coefficient of friction between package and belt or chain (conveyor speed is not a factor). The COF is the only thing that has to be learned empirically.

The thickness of a bottle increases and its width decreases under conveyor line pressure. This can affect rail spacing, collating devices or pick-and-place mechanisms for a fabric machine packing roll.

The frictional force on the last container in an accumulated slug can cause it to tip over backward, if geometry permits. Keep in mind that folding carton panels, especially short ones, are not flat, but crowned due to the memory in the scores.

Guiderails on curves cannot be adjusted with precision for different thickness containers. Where spacing must be consistent around a curve, change parts are required for the rails.

Deadplates at transfer points should be avoided using a fabric machine packing roll, as they may present potential tipping points, hazardous pinch points, and always leave a container behind. Flush side transfers between belts or chains are always preferable.

Guides at fabric machine packing roll machine entrances should always be precise. Where multiple sizes are run, a set of precise change parts, located precisely, as with locator pins, will enable fast, trouble free changeovers.

For smooth motion of chain or belt, choose direct drive gear motors over roller chain drives. When small diameter drive sprockets are used, pulsing of the chain or belt occurs, which is most noticeable on long conveyors by working on a fabric machine packing roll.

Where accumulation devices are used for a fabric machine packing roll, make sure that the method of handling and accumulating is compatible with the shape, weight and texture of the containers. Very light packages are usually the hardest to handle without mishap, especially if they have a small base for their height. If accumulators have jams they detract from, rather than enhance, productivity.

Stopping open containers should be avoided, because the contents may splash or spill out (a.k.a. the geyser effect). Close, seal or cap them immediately after filling the fabric machine packing roll. A continuous, steady flow of packages along the conveyors of a packaging line is the most obvious sign of a good, productive line. If handling problems do exist using a fabric machine packing roll, there is usually opportunity to redesign and rebuild or replace handling equipment at an affordable cost, as long as sufficient space exists in a
fabric machine packing roll.

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