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Instantly Expand Your Horizons for environmentally safe packing material . Do you ship heavy, odd-shaped and breakable (or sensitive) items such as electronics, hydraulic assemblies or other fragile products? Then, this stuff is pure magic. Environmentally safe packing materials foam packaging from this one starts out flat, then after a few seconds in a special warmer, expands to perfectly conform to the shape of the item being packed and the box it’s packed in. No more foam “turtles,” “peanuts” or giant dunnage hoppers — just a few seconds and a single laborer, and every cubic inch of airspace is filled. It gets better. Environmentally safe packing materials
compacts to 10% of its expanded volume in a landfill, is CFC and 3HCFC-free and can be processed in municipal waste-to-energy facilities. The company even provides 20 worldwide locations that will take back used material.

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5. Be an Airhead — Our customers have had great success with the environmentally safe packing materials system. This ingenious and very compact unit (about the size of a microwave oven) creates air-filled cushioning from tubular film. The machine instantly inflates a film strip, seals it to the desired length and connects each “air pillow” with a perforation, allowing each one to be torn off and used (or stored for later). The units can be outfitted with flexible programmers, allowing automated production, plus control over the length of individual cushions, degree of inflation and the number to be produced in a given run.

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6.Throw in the Towels — In manufacturing, routine wipe-downs, accidental spills and chronic leaks are inevitable. The age-old solutions: shop rags of inconsistent size, shape or material (some completely non- absorbent and therefore useless) or rental shop towels with variable quality and cleanliness. Cloth towels from Kimberly Clark offer a great solution. One jumbo roll can replace up to 75 pounds of shop rags, saving space and cost (not to mention trips to the tool crib or supply room). They’re durable, reusable and offer excellent absorbency of oil, grease, solvents and water.

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7. All Over Your Best Work of environmentally safe packing materials — You place your machinery on it. Your shipping department drives (or drags) heavy loads across it. Your employees spill everything from hydraulic oil to lunch on it. It’s your floor. And, it’s one of your more important and (pun intended) overlooked assets. A protective floor finish enhances appearance, improves safety, eases maintenance and extends life. Whether you use a mop, reservoir/applicator system or pressure sprayer, here are a few tips to get the most out of the process. 1.) Do a thorough cleaning and trash removal job before starting. Otherwise, all you are doing is sealing dirt in. 2.) Apply finish to small areas at a time and work quickly. This avoids “lap marks” caused by uneven drying 3.) This one may seem obvious…but, always use “Wet Floor” signs. It will avoid accidental falls, and keep fellow employees off your fresh work while it dries and seals.

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Once again, this list only scratches the surface of the many exciting and beneficial resources available in the packaging industry today. Still, these are great places to start. Want another? Contact your local independent environmentally safe packing materials rep agency. They spend their professional lives learning about the latest tools, innovations and processes in this industry, and then bring them to your doorstep. Don’t know of one? Check out, the leading organization of manufacturers and distributors in the packaging,
environmentally safe packing materials
and hospitality/hospital supply industries.

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