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Radioactive contamination of de flower materials packing from a xenon-133 shipment.

OBJECTIVE: We report on radioactive contamination of packing materials from a 133Xe shipment. METHODS: A 2-vial 133Xe shipment was monitored using a survey meter before opening.

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Both vials were immediately assayed in a dose calibrator. The packing materials were monitored and contamination was detected. RESULTS: The maximum surface reading of the shipment was 7.0 microSv/h. This was higher than previous shipments (1.1 +/- 0.3 microSv/h). One vial was 544 MBq while the other vial was only 474 MBq. Previous shipments were 565 +/- 13 MBq/vial. Monitoring and imaging revealed 133Xe contamination within the packing materials. Xenon-133 escaped from the packing materials over time. The lower
de flower materials packing activity vial continued to leak 133Xe over time.

CONCLUSION: Careful monitoring of 133Xe shipments before and after opening along with assaying vials on receipt can indicate vial leakage and radioactive contamination so steps can be taken to minimize radiation exposure to the staff. About 10 years ago, a certain mail-order computer retailer announced that it was abandoning styrofoam (polystyrene) packing peanuts in its shipments and switching to environmentally friendly cornstarch peanuts instead. The new de flower materials packing material, they explained, was not merely biodegradable; it would dissolve almost instantly in water. Some of my coworkers and I wondered if that meant you could eat them too.

So, naturally, when our next de flower materials packing order arrived from that company, the first thing we did was to pop the cornstarch peanuts in our mouths. All right, in retrospect, I suppose that was a bit stupid. It did not cause any ill effects as far as I can tell, but still…who knows where that cornstarch has been? So I do not recommend that you try this yourself. Nevertheless, we’d proven that this new packing material did, as advertised, dissolve quite readily, and we were all happy that we’d no longer drown in a sea of de flower materials packing.

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