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To be effective with chocolate machine packing, messages must be well written. Rather than saying, for example, "PE32 timeout fault", a message should say "Loading pusher did not return home" or "Conveyor chain index did not finish", or "Cap chute empty". Conditions of chocolate machine packing
are monitored by the controls must be relevant to the machine operation and should be comprehensive, covering all appropriate machine operation and package quality issues.

Where one chocolate machine packing operator tends a whole line, or a group of machines, the messages for all the machines can be combined onto one operator interface in a convenient location. By networking the individual machine controllers, message data can be transmitted to a central line control for display on one or more graphical interfaces so that the operator's physical location on the line will not detract from prompt attention to events anywhere in the operation.

For an existing chocolate machine packing line, where legacy equipment lacks the ability to display machine status information, it may be possible to achieve status display capabilities by integrating a line monitoring system. The individual PLC's on each machine can be networked to a central controller. The central PLC can monitor status bits in the individual machine's programs, and display messages on a graphical user interface (GUI or HMI). This may require program revisions in individual controllers and addition of sensors on the machines in key places.

If it weren't for the warning light on the dashboard of my car, I'd run out of gas frequently. To keep the packaging line from running out of gas, the operator should be given plenty of warning lights.

The nature of many packaging processes inherently included occasional material damage or jams, even in the best machines. Convenient means of gaining access to clear jams can be helpful to the operator. Rail raisers on cartoners are one example of a device that enables the operator to quickly access material that needs to be removed so that the machine can be re-started. Safety must not be compromised in gaining machine access, and jams should be clearable without running or jogging the machine.

When detailed chocolate machine packing studies of packaging line operating efficiency are done, the time from the initial cause of downtime until the line or machine is restarted is found to be a major factor. If a considerable amount of chocolate machine packing and time is spent in determining the cause and location of the problem, or if jam clearing is a long and complex process, the downtime is extended and efficiency will be low. For the same chocolate machine packing number of stoppages, if the cause is known immediately, and jams are quickly cleared, the efficiency will be much greater chocolate machine packing.

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