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As a petrochemical product, the availability of imported resin for packaging has been constrained by other calls on foreign currency expenditure.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine article

In a command economy emerging from more than 30 years of isolation, priority for foreign currency expenditure is given to essential imports. While packaging, as an industry, is regarded as a priority sector, a key factor in state planning consideration has been whether the product can be adequately produced using an alternative material.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine an alternative material.

As such, the plastic packaging industry has grown from a relatively low base. However since 2001, the advantages of light weighting and the introduction of new film technology (multi-layer, breathable etc.) has allowed China's plastic packaging industry to leapfrog film technologies. Furthermore, high-volume plastic package converting can be performed by relatively small production facilities, thus opening up the industry to small and medium-sized enterprises. The plastic sector will continue to experience steady growth well beyond 2008 as China upgrades and gradually replaces glass and metal with plastic.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine from the food and beverage

Driven by demand from the food and beverage end-use industries, the plastic packaging product sector is experiencing average annual growth levels of well in excess of 10 per cent.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine expectations

This is to be expected. Unlike the paper sector, China's 9,336 plastic packaging converters have come from a low production base, require more sophisticated production technology, and compete for feedstock with 'priority industries' in building/construction, household products etc. These factors contrive to both accelerate and constrain sectoral growth.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine has stabilized

Output growth in China's plastic packaging product sector has stabilized after a major national investment program was initiated in 1995/96. Government-sourced investment in equipping the domestic plastic packaging sector for 2000 was US$2.05 billion (e1.57 billion). The introduction of the tenth five-year plan (2000-05) heralded a sharp spike in investment to $2.36 billion, a 13.3 per cent increase over 2000 spending levels.

BOPP film packing Shrink machine growth
Thereafter annual spending growth on plastic packaging equipment stabilized in the 11 per cent range and will continue to increase at these levels until beyond 2008.
From 2000-03 China's total equipment investment was more than $10 billion. By the end of 2008 China has budgeted to be spending more than $30 billion on its BOPP film packing Shrink machine industry.


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