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The BOPP film packing machine sourcing packaging factory has two special production lines of biaxially oriented polypropylene film imported from Germany and anual production amouts to 50,000tons. the products include printing/packing, adhensive-coating film and super transparency film. the thickness is 0.012-0.060mm, the width is 300-2000mm and the length can be up to 12000m.the usage is as following
BOPP film packing machine sourcing packaging

BOPP film packing machine sourcing packaging article

*industrial tapes (adhensive tape, carton-sealing tape, marking tape)
*metal and paper compound film (foodstuff packing film, printing film)
*electical usage (electrical tapes)
*common/special packing (flowers, textile, refrigerate and preservative foodstuff, medical usage, stationery, etc)

series of resin

*applied to high adhesion automobile tapes, electrical tapes etc BOPA FILM BOPP TAPE.Expert has applied his background in chemical engineering to film extrusion with raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers and film fabricators. His background is useful for benchmarking, product development, troubleshooting and training in most polymer film processes. He has purchased, installed and commissioned state-of-the-art singe and co-extruded lines throughout North and Souch America. He offers classroom and hand-on training programs that result in measurable productivity improvements. Expert has applied his background in chemical engineering with raw material suppliers to design and optimize film properties for barrier applications. His completed projects include purchase, installation and commissioning of state-of-the-art co-extrusion lines throughout North and South America for BOPP film packing machine sourcing packaging.


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