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Production of BOPP film packing machine food Packaging

Production of key plastic packaging materials hit 4.07 million tonnes in 2002, a rise of 12.4 per cent compared to 3.62 million tonnes in 2001. The major substrate film materials used in China's composite flexible packaging sector include PET, BOPP, polyethylene, cast polypropylene (CPP), aluminium and vacuum-metallised PET (VMPET) and CPP (VMCPP). Production of these materials is sufficient to meet domestic demand, allowing some excess for exports.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging export

BOPET and BOPP have become a key focus of investment in China. World consumption of BOPP films reached three million tonnes in 2002, and is expected to hit 5.7 million tonnes by 2010, with China to consume one million tonnes of the material. BOPP films are widely used as substrates for multiple packaging materials. By 2003, China had an installed base of 120 BOPP production lines with a gross production capacity of one million tonnes. In the case of biaxially oriented polyester (BOPET) film, meanwhile, China has an installed base of 30 production lines with production capacity in excess of one million tonnes.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging film

In addition, China has the capacity to produce diversified packaging film, such as BOPS sheets, CPP film, three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer co-extruded films, vacuum aluminum-plated films and other composite films, high-barrier PVdC casing films and coated films.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging beverage

Beverage containers and various hollow containers of diversified, foamed plastics, extrusion web, extruded foamed sheets and vacuum forming plastic products are also produced on a wide-scale basis.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging pet

As a result of the rapid expansion of the soft drinks market, annual consumption of PET polyester bottles has grown by 18 per cent during the past five years, ranking first in terms of growth amongst all plastic packing materials.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging production

Production of hot-fill PET bottles grew at a particularly fast rate, with annual growth exceeding 50 per cent. With the PET polyester bottle now being used to bottle beers, another potentially vast area for development has opened up. On the basis of beer output of over 20 million tonnes in 2000, China's beer industry may need 25-30 billion beer bottles (including recycled containers). Even if the switch from glass etc. to PET is partial, the prospects for this market are very positive.

BOPP film packing machine food Packaging import

In addition to raw resin, China imported $1.2 billion worth of recycled PET in 2002.

China has only two listed PET polyester bottle companies, ShangMei Enterprise is created as a result of SOE (state-owned enterprise) restructuring and occupy 20 per cent and 30-40 per cent respectively of the domestic BOPP film packing machine food Packaging bottle market.


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