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BOPP film packing machine contractors machinery
The Chinese plastics industry for BOPP film packing machine contractors machinery

China is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic resins in the world. With the rapid economic growth, the use of synthetic resin has become more common, with most production directed at the rapidly expanding construction and automobile industries, rather than packaging applications. In 2002, annual production capacity of the five largest synthetic resins was valued at RMB13.944 million (e1.29 million).

BOPP film packing machine contractors machinery in China

China is the world's fastest-growing economy, has the biggest population, is the largest exporter of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), is the cheapest manufacturing centre and is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment. In order to support China's industrial growth, the country is developing the world's largest packaging industry.

BOPP film packing machine contractors machinery at 2003

At the end of 2003, China had 38,000 packaging manufacturing plants, employing more than three million people, and contributed 2 per cent to gross domestic product (GDP). The country is the single largest importer of raw materials for packaging, including significant shipments of paper, pulp, recovered paper, roundwood chip, aluminium, polymer resins and other materials. Before the end of the decade, China's gross packaging product output is forecast to increase by around 80 per cent in value terms.

BOPP film packing machine contractors machinery enterprises

According to China Packaging Technology Association (CPTA), the central supervisory and support authority for the industry, China has 34,578 packaging enterprises, of which more than 9,000 are involved in the production of plastic packaging. Although there are more companies operating in the plastics sector than in any other packaging sector, in volume terms plastic packaging output is less than half that of paper-based packaging, which accounted for over half of all packaging output in 2003.
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