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Walking into a grocery store can be an overwhelming experience: there are so many choices. What brand? What size? What flavor? What packaging??? By keeping the four R's in mind -- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rebuy (or Buy Recycled) -- you can reduce waste, and save money, all by the simple process of shopping.

How do you apply the four Rs when shopping for biodegradeable packing materials manufacturer ?

It's easiest to shop with the first R -- Reduce -- in mind. Look for ways to get more product and less packaging for your money. Take dry breakfast cereals for instance. Most are available in large, family-sized boxes, which reduces packaging over time. The idea of buying in larger size holds true for many products, from detergents to tomato sauces and pastes. Second, don't package products that don't need it. Fruits and vegetables are prime examples. Apples and carrots can be bought loose (or, if necessary, be put in a plastic bag brought from home). Third, reuse your paper, plastic, or cloth bags. And fourth, carry a shopping list to reduce the amount of impulse shopping you do, thereby reducing unnecessary waste.

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The second R -- Reuse -- is also important. Buy groceries like juice, lunch supplies and condiments with reusable containers in mind. Juices can be purchased in concentrate form to be mixed in your own reusable containers.

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You can reduce a tremendous amount of lunch waste by avoiding single serving containers for
biodegradeable packing materials manufacturer.

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