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As packing materials grows ever smaller in our rearview mirror, the automatic triangle packing machine industry may one day remember it as the year the idea of working alliances grew from cocktail reception discussions and informal agreements, to a full blown competitive strategy endorsed by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute. With European machinery manufacturers continuing to gain favor with end users and the threat of less expensive Asian machinery looming larger every day, PMMI urged its members to offer integrated packaging line solutions involving multiple companies.

Although not a concept warmly accepted throughout its automatic triangle packing machine independent business history, studies reveal that U.S. companies are beginning to embrace the idea of joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

In Chicago, four packaging machinery companies who were slightly ahead of the competitive curve began planting the seeds of a cooperative alliance during the early days of the 21st century. Last September, packing materials Technology sat down with members of the Chicago Area Manufacturers Association (CAMA) to learn how the partnership evolved and to highlight a possible blueprint for future alliances. Participating in the discussion were there. How and when did CAMA get started and what were the primary reasons for forming the alliance, was unable to attend the roundtable of automatic triangle packing machine.)

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