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L type automatic shrinking machine of bag sealing LA-500
High efficiency, labor saving and good performance
Automatic Shrink Packing Machine Packaging Material Supplier
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Sealing size 450x500 mm
Packing capacity 20 PPM Max.
Height of target packing 10~120 mm
Power source 1-ph 220V
Electric heater 1.3 KW
Machine size 1500x860x1400 mm
LA-500 Features:
1. It is suitable for shrinking packing of any product, and it is also suitable for shrinking packing material such as PVC.PP. P.PE.POF.
2. No smoke will be produced during sealing, and it keeps a clean environment.
3. Immediate packing. Put the target object on conveyor and it can be easily packed.
4. Controlled by sensor device. It can be choused vertically and horizontally, and it is decided by thickness of the object been packed.
5. Labor cost saving. One operator is enough. Put target object on conveyor and it can be packed automatically.
6. Power saving and packing time is shortened.
7. Easy operation and maintenance.
8. Order of special specification is welcome, so is multi use packing machine.
    Flow chart of operation
Pharmaceutical Products Packing Machine

Widely provide shrinking packing for common industries such as food, electronics, stationary,
hardware/tool, cosmetic and drugs.
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