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Packing machine for CD paper bag
CDP 2000
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High productivity CD paper bag packing machine, packing volume is over 3500 pcs per hour. The unique concept with design makes operators easily use minimum setting time to produce each type of packing. The design of patent application is undergoing.

Production quality
All design and structure of equipment is originated from a concept of best quality, the production internal in the equipment and trouble shooting are all detected by automatic sensor of optical fiber., and the excellent facility invented with technology combined with human according to technology oriented base.

Major functions
• Touch screen is use and this facilitate operation.
• Automatic setting for recovery quantity.
• Vacuum sucking device for CD.
• Conveying paper bag by servo mechanism.
• Multi type of paper bag of folding cover (including with notch, without notch), adhesive type or open type.
• Auto adjustment for insertion.
• Change loading CD without stopping machine.
• Check the blank CD (without stopping machine).
Pharmaceutical Products Packing Machine
Loading rack of four cascades turning CD
Food Packing Machine
Collecting mechanism for finished goods
Packing Machines manufacturer
CD packing mechanism
Food Packaging Machines
High speed stable mechanism of wheel
 Technical Data
Power request
220 Volts one-phase/20A
Size specification
155x85x175 cm
Pneumatic request
5 kg/cm2
Equipment weight
500 kg
Manufacturing Data
Speed: 60 pcs/minute (standard paper bag)
Waiting quantity: about 800 pcs
Collected quantity: about 200 pcs.

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